MEGABolt-PT Bar - Argentium
The MEGABolt-PT Bar system provides a simple, rugged method of efficiently applying prestress force to a wide variety of structural applications including post-tensioned concrete, as well as rock and soil anchor systems.
Available in various sizes, The MEGABolt-PT Bar prestressing steel has a continuous rolled in pattern of thread-like deformations along its entire length. More durable than machined threads, the deformations allow anchorages and couplers to thread onto the MEGABolt-PT Bar at any point. For enduring projects such as linking different sections of bridge structures, shear keys for seismic resilience, connecting segments or girders, and fortifying piers.
For provisional projects like anchoring temporary steel frame supports, employing lifting bars for segment launching trusses, and stitching bridge segments together. Our post-tensioning collection encompasses fully-threaded bars, accompanied by a comprehensive selection of accessories. A specialized design team is at your disposal to offer dedicated engineering support.
Corrosion protection can be achieved by the application of a heat shrink sleeve, grease, paint, grout, or a combination of these.

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Prestressing Thread Steel Bar

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