MEGABolt Self Drilling Anchors (SDA)

MEGABolt Self-Drilling Anchors (SDA)

MEGABlot-SDA - Argentium

MEGABolt Self Drilling Anchor (SDA) is a bolting solution for different ground conditions including sand, gravel, silt, and clays, as well as in soft to medium fractured rock formations. Our drill bits are available in different designs diameters and thread types. Our Self Drilling Anchors are compatible with most standard rock drilling equipment.

The MEGABolt Self Drilling Anchor (SDA) system consists of:


The basic application of MEGABolt SDA is for use in soil conditions where there is a risk of the drill hole collapsing due to pulling out of drill bit, as in the classical anchor installation process. The MEGABolt system is suitable for a variety of different rock conditions and our drill bits are available in various diameters. The MEGABolt SDA system can be deployed for various simultaneous drilling and grouting purposes including:

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Technological Features

MEGABolt’s Self-Drilling anchor bar system comprises:

The hollow anchor features a hollow bore to allow for simultaneous drilling and grouting. The rod is made of a hollow steel tube with an outer round thread. The extension coupling features a patented design that enable direct transmissionbetween each bar reducing losses. Bearing plates are forged steel plates with a
center hole. The hexagonal nuts are manufactured from high precision steel with chamfered edges on both ends and tempered to meet the stringent demands on
anchor specifications.

Steel tube has the sacrificial drill bit at one end and the corresponding nut with a steel end plate. Our SDA are used in a way that hollow steel bar (rod) has a corresponding sacrificial drill bit on its top instead of a classic drill bit. The coupler guarantees a consistent grout cover around the hollow steel bar and that the bar remains in the center of the drilled hole.

Technical Specifications

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