MEGA Pole Casing Advancement Systems

MEGA Pole Casing Advacement System

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MEGA Pole’s Casing Advancement Systems are the key components in ground drilling applications. MEGA Pole Casing Advancement Systems guarantees high and even quality through its high-precision manufacturing process. MEGA Pole products provide a signature automatic spiral locking system that operates as follows:

MEGA Pole provides systems for both permanent and temporary casing. MEGA Pole Casing Systems can be used in all major ground

Unique Features of Casing System

Technological Features of Casing System

MEGAPole casing systems use a locking system to avoid damage or disruption in complex ground conditions or existing foundations, thus leading to safer drilling. Our systems operate by:
MEGAPOLE Casing Systems Technological Features - Argentium

Technical Specification of Casing System

MEGAPOLE Casing Advancement Systems Specification's - Argentium
MEGAPOLE Casing Advancement Systems - Argentium

MEGAPole SYSTEM (114 as illustration)

  1. M114 pilot bit C38
  2. M114 ring bit assembly & starter casing
    • Steel casing 114 including M114 ring bit assembly
    • 1 side male threaded, L=3000mm with grouting holes + valves
  3. Extension Casing
    • Steel casing
    • 2 side male-female threaded, L = 3000mm
  4. Extension M/F Rod C38 – round 39 C38, L=3050mm or 3660 mm
  5. Optional,
  6. Grouting Plug (end cap)
  7. Shank adapter for needed rig/drift

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